Employment with Ascend

Ascend Psychological Associates has clinicians at all levels of experience: well-seasoned clinicians, early career professionals, and graduate students in mental health programs.  Together, we represent a community committed to continued professional growth — a community that gathers for weekly consultation, providing a forum for robust and lively discussion, where all — regardless of level of experience — are challenged, sharpened, and supported, and encouraged to think deeply, thoughtfully, and creatively about our patients and the contexts in which they find themselves.

If you are an independently licensed mental health professional desirous of joining our uniquely collaborative group practice, please complete the following:

Please include license numbers
Please describe your academic background, including degrees conferred and additional formal training.
Describe your theoretical orientation/primary treatment modalities
Describe your clinical area(s) of interest
Please describe, in as much detail and accuracy as possible, your preferred scheduling hours.
Please tell us what drew you to Ascend. What about our practice excites you? How do you see yourself contributing to our team?