Why Should I Invest in Therapy Myself, Rather Than Use My Insurance?

When you pay for therapy yourself, there are a few very important benefits: No Mental Health Diagnosis goes on your medical record. When using insurance, a mental health diagnosis is required to be recorded in your medical record which may concern patients with certain sensitive jobs, or those buying life insurance or seeking other medical

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Your fees seem too high!

GET INFORMED! Here’s an important thing everyone with insurance needs to understand: Insurance companies use some “creative” ways to determine the basis of what they’ll cover. It’s not just that your plan says it’ll cover, say, 80% of the cost of psychotherapy — it’s 80% of what they say psychotherapy costs. That’s an important number. (They get crafty

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What forms of payment do you accept?

Generally, we accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards. We encourage people to utilize Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flex Savings Accounts (FSA) as well. Due to legal and ethical requirements, patients are not allowed to carry account balances as doing so can muddy the waters of clinical work. This means that full payment is due

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What are out-of-network benefits?

Your insurance plan may have out-of-network benefits.  If it does, you may be able to work with our associates using it.  Here’s how it works: You pay us directly and we provide you with a monthly statement of services (called a superbill).  Then, you submit  it to your insurance company if you decide to seek

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Do you take insurance?

Ascend has decided to accept one insurance directly--Blue Cross/Blue Shield. We’re a private practice that seeks to offer high quality, individualized attention to each client and are firmly committed to each person’s privacy and confidentiality.  We cannot meet those goals being in-network with the majority of insurance companies.  We went into this field to help

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