Child Psychotherapy

Sometimes children…


If any of these statements sound familiar, then we can help.

Ascend Psychological Associates offers a range of services to help children and their families when problems hinder emotional growth and development.

We are committed to an approach to therapy that deals with underlying causes of problems and that assists children to create a strong psychological foundation for ongoing development.

When parents contact Ascend for help, an assessment is made to determine the nature of the problems and to establish a treatment plan based on this evaluation. Often, this plan includes a form of psychotherapy. It may include other interventions that supplement therapy, such as psychological testing. Adjunctive therapies, such as medication, may be recommended as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

The foundation of therapy is the relationship with a trusted, specially-trained professional who can help young people deal with the causes of distress and help them acquire the psychological skills to cope more adaptively in the future. Young children often communicate through play; older children may prefer talk. The goal is to create a situation in which children can express themselves fully in order to improve self-understanding, develop skills and facilitate lasting changes in emotional states and behavior.

Psychotherapy with children is a collaborative endeavor with parents or caregivers.

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