Autism Spectrum Disorders


Ascend Psychological Associates offers a range of services to help children, adolescents, adults, and their families with the complexities that autism presents.

Dr. Morris has worked with autism for many years. During that time he has developed many different ways to connect and bring about growth for his autistic patients. More than any other diagnosis Dr. Morris has learned that he must tailor his approach to each person with autism differently. For many young boys, “sneaky” therapy is important because the second they hear “skill” or “learn” they immediately shut down and refuse to engage. As such, Dr. Morris’ “sneaky therapy” often involves teaching skills via the medium of video games or other preferred activities. Parents are shown what is happening during these sessions and how to practice or implement these techniques/skills at home.

Dr. Morris works with parents in various ways throughout the treatment process. Initially, he meets with the parents for a few sessions alone to help educate them about some foundational concepts as well as to answer any questions that they may have.  Once the parents feel comfortable the focus of treatment shifts more to working with the child or teen. However, at any time in treatment, the parents can request a “parents only” session. This can be helpful to work through a difficult patch of development or merely to get some encouragement–parenting an autistic child is tough work after all!

Ascend Associates who work with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jeremy D. Morris, PhD