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Tired of simply going through the motions? Is merely coping with life’s stressors leaving you exhausted?

Our psychologists, therapists, and medical staff can help.

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Ascend Psychological Associates are able to work with many different people and problems, but we also have specialized training.


You know there is a problem…

For too long people have been chronically busy and stretched too thin. We focus on to-do lists, tasks, and activities. People have been trading meaningful relationships for superficial connections maintained through our devices.

But, everyone received a wake-up call with COVID-19 impacting the world. We lost freedoms, security, and lives.

All of this has made you painfully aware that you thought you’d be somewhere different at this point in your life. All of the chaos and change lately has intensified your desire to change your life moving forward. You are tired of living an over-stressed and over-scheduled life that leaves you feeling depleted and lonely. You crave meaning, connection, and health.

The psychologists and therapists at Ascend can help you create the life you are so desperately craving right now. Together, let’s make your “new normal” better than your previous “normal.”


Take Control of Your Life

Healthy living requires balancing all aspects of the person including physical, emotional, relational and spiritual dimensions. When these areas are out of balance, whether due to stressors, trauma or physical make-up, emotional difficulties may arise.

As psychologists and counselors, we are committed to helping people create hope in their lives. We assist patients in developing awareness of issues, applying new strategies which promote change and healing, and restoring the freedom to make new choices.

It is important for individuals to have their values honored in therapy. We are committed to helping patients create a personal path of growth and healing which is consistent with their life perspective.

Ascend Psychological Services can help you write the next chapters of your life in ways that are meaningful and satisfying to you and those around you.

Change is inevitable, but GROWTH is intentional…

Are you ready?

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